How to put your baby to sleep: The Reality

1. Professional Advice - Choose a natural time to start your bedtime routine
1. Reality - Accept the fact that from 6PM onwards your baby will not want to be put down 

2. Professional Advice - Don't change your baby unless they need it

2. Reality - They need it

3. Professional Advice - Dim the lights and speak softly so that they learn the difference between night and day 

3. Reality - Stage whisper "$#*! that's where the pacifier went" and continue hobbling as you rick the baby to sleep

4. Professional Advice - Sleep when the baby sleeps 

4. Reality - Wake up every ten minutes to check if your baby is still breathing because you have an unhealthy fear of SIDs

I admit to putting this together while having a sleeping baby on my lap because apparently thats the best place to sleep. 

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