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Introducing Solids – How do we eat again?

So my life has been a bit hectic and most of my free time has been spent doing way to much research into learning how to eat.

A handy guide to weaning

Everyone has an opinion on how to introduce food to your baby and there is a book, blog, vlog, buy this cheat guide for everything nowadays. But in the end I found the NHS Start4Life guide most helpful. I personally like to have nice and pretty charts to reference so I made one up for myself to stick to the fridge. Enjoy! 😊

Is your baby ready to be weaned?

From the NHS they say the following signs appear when your baby is ready. Usually this happens around 6 months of age. 👇

  1. Stay in a sitting position, holding their head steady
  2. Coordinate their eyes, hands and mouth so they can look at their food, pick it up and put it in their mouth
  3. Swallow food (rather than spit it back out)


How to put your baby to sleep: The Reality

1. Professional Advice - Choose a natural time to start your bedtime routine
1. Reality - Accept the fact that from 6PM onwards your baby will not want to be put down 

2. Professional Advice - Don't change your baby unless they need it

2. Reality - They need it

3. Professional Advice - Dim the lights and speak softly so that they learn the difference between night and day 

3. Reality - Stage whisper "$#*! that's where the pacifier went" and continue hobbling as you rick the baby to sleep

4. Professional Advice - Sleep when the baby sleeps 

4. Reality - Wake up every ten minutes to check if your baby is still breathing because you have an unhealthy fear of SIDs

I admit to putting this together while having a sleeping baby on my lap because apparently thats the best place to sleep.