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The Wheel of Time – Episode Four “The Dragon Reborn”

I will be the first to admit I didn’t do separate reviews for episodes 2 &3 of The Wheel of Time. In some ways, it’s because I felt like there wasn’t much to review? And yet at the same time, I’m trying to figure out where this is going.

Before episode four, this series has felt managed to simultaneously feel as if it is going at breakneck speed while also just plodding along for the sake of worldbuilding and exposition. But this latest episode picked up the pace.

I had to pause and look up the writer because it felt so different to the previous 3 episodes. And sure enough, the writer this time was Dave Hill. He wrote the following Game of Thrones episodes: “Sons of the Harpy”, “Home”, “Eastwatch” and in season 8, “Winterfell”. Possibly all the stand out episodes. Either way, to me it showed that there was going to be shit happening in this episode.

And yes. FINALLY. Shit went down.

There was still a lot of exposition and worldbuilding but it was more balanced with the present day. We finally got to see first-hand why the Aes Sedai take finding the Dragon so seriously. We saw the impact it has on shielding them from using their magic.

There was more character development happening. And some hints at what the future for some of them may hold. I don’t like giving spoilers but I hope that Mat can find help soon before it’s too late.

And of course. That final scene. Yes! I admit that I’ve only read the first couple of books but Nynaeve was probably one of my favourite characters. She is so intensely loyal to her village. And fierce and strong. For her to come into her own at that moment was amazing to see. 💛

That mom life...

Some prepare for their little one by creating extravagant nurseries. I knit.

As you’ve already found out, I knit to manage my anxiety. This past summer was no different so I channeled it to knit all sort of cute baby things. Links to the patterns are below the image. 👇

Entrelac Blanket 

This was free hand because I wanted to learn how to knit entrelac. Half way through I figured out that I had been picking up stitches completely wrong but at least I got a cozy baby blanket out of it. Here is a tutorial

Ugg Baby Booties (free)

These were adorable to make. It took me maybe 4 hours on an off total for the set. And I’m not the fastest knitter. Easiest and fastest Ugg booties pattern

Yellow Baby Socks (free)

These are also really easy to make and quite addictive. I definitely will be making another couple sets in bigger sizes. Cozy little toes pattern

Bear hat (free) 

This one is actually a bonnet and since I’m having a winter baby the idea of having a little snow bear hat was to cute to resist. Bearly Bonnet pattern

Red Hat with pinwheel flower (free)

The hat was a basic baby hat and I knitted a pinwheel flower to go with it. Pinwheel flowers pattern

Pink Dragon (free) 

This is my favorite project from the summer hands down. It was so much fun to do a more technical knit and watch it all come together. Tarragon the Gentle Dragon pattern

Striped sleep sack (£3.90) 

This was the only pattern I ended up buying but it is so worth it. You can find the pattern on Ravelry and the version with should straps is sold in the creator’s Etsy shop. Hungry Caterpillar Baby Cocoon and Hat pattern