We planted our first allotment plants πŸŒ±πŸ«

Our shadows cast over a small patch of dirt and barely visible are 3 dormant blueberry shrubs and their purple popsicle stick markers.
They need some mulching but hey the blueberries are in πŸ₯³

Blueberries of course. Along with a golden raspberry cane. We’ve had the 3 blueberry bushes in small pots since last summer so it was time they get a more permanent home. They are supposed to be a dwarf variety and each shrub will fruit at different times in the summer.

Its been a very wet March so we haven’t been able to get out as often as we’d like. That hasn’t stopped us from being busy though! We’ve already started off some peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, nasturtium in our little trays. It’s exciting to watch them grow. Hopefully soon we can start planting some of the hardier veggies out. 🀞

6 packets of seeds from Chiltern seeds.

And of course I have found myself ordering yet more seeds because I can’t help it. Our little one is excited about growing a “cucamelon” and has been telling everyone about it. We are also going to try and grow some Indian mustard because saag aloo is a staple dinner in our house.

And well, I had to get some herbs and flowers too because I can’t help it. The marigold and borage will go well with the tomatoes. And I absolutely adore the smell of bergamot so chance are that one will end up in our actual garden as well. But yes, things are growing and we are feeling that spring energy. πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎπŸŒ»πŸŒ±

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