3 purchases to make your pregnancy easier

I’m sure if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant you have spent countless hours navigating Google and Pinterest looking for those things you absolutely will need to make your pregnancy easier. Limited by budget here are 3 things I ended up using the most to make things a bit more comfortable. 

Body Pillow 

You’ll see this come up a lot as well as people recommending to buy a £50 Snoogle or something. I didn’t have £50 to spend so I ended up getting a simple one from Lidl for £10.  I even splurged a bit on a second pillowcase for £5.  And if you don’t have access to Lidl you can find a version online as well

Yoga Ball

This is a staple and also has ended up being useful for soothing a gassy baby after pregnancy. I have back problems so was super aware that I would have more back pain while pregnant. My saviour at this time ended up being my yoga ball

Squatty Potty 

Going to the bathroom ended up being quite challenging while I was pregnant. Getting a Squatty Potty to help ease the constipation ended up being one of my most grateful purchases. 

Pregnancy was definitely a time where I felt thrown in the deep end and told to just figure out how to swim. For navigating that I found these apps useful

What about you? What was your must have while pregnant? 

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