My most useful pregnancy apps

It turns out that finding out you are pregnant is a rather confusing time. If you then add on the fact that you live in a different country from your extended family and that the healthcare system works differently from what your friends experienced it gets a bit challenging to find that support. Luckily we live in the day and age where we have access to a wealth of information in our phones. So here is my short list of the best pregnancy apps I used. 💪

The Bump (Android only)

In the beginning this was the app I was checking everyday. They updated it with a new fact about what is happening to your baby and how they are growing. They also surfaced articles about what other women are experiencing at the same time as you. It was really handy to read in the morning on the way to work. 


This app provided weekly updates but they were much more in depth. I loved checking in every week to see how baby was growing and catching up on what kinds of things to look out for. You can also schedule in your doctor appointments and track those crazy symptoms you might be having. 

Bounty  (UK) 

This one I didn’t find out about until later on and I wish I heard about it earlier. Unlike the previous two this app is UK based so the articles were relevant to UK experiences. Which as an expat was really helpful. You can also add your hospital to read the documents that they provide. And of course discounts – If you download this app you can pick up a mum-to-be pack at either Argos, Asda or Tesco. I ended up picking mine up from Tesco and this is what was in it: 

It’s so cute they do this! 

This one you don’t have to download the app for but I wanted to include it because it is where I found my community of women going through the same thing. /r/BabyBumps is a general community to support pregnant women (and expecting fathers!) and there are also monthly sub-communities that are created based on the month you are due in. It was my monthly group where I was able to to get the most value in connecting with other women and not being afraid to ask if X thing is normal – chances are it is and plenty of us were wondering the same. 

So there you have it! This is what I used the most. Do you think I missed one? Please let me know in the comments! 👇

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