My complicated relationship with planning 🗒

3 books layed in front on a bed. 1 is the 2023 Almanac, another is the RHS step by step Veg Patch guide and the final is a bullet journal with a glimpse of a plan for the allotment.

I’ve always loved the idea of plans. Researching topics, events, the best way to do something and then putting it in place to implement. Drawing out a schedule, color coding the projects and then thinking of where to put it so The Plan can be followed. It is around then that it all falls apart.

Because what happens is something might occur that I didn’t account for in The Plan. So now The Plan is useless. Its dead to me. It deflates and just gets tossed aside.

Eventually I recognised this pattern in myself and started planning for when The Plan falls apart. What can I do to still accomplish the basic thing I set out to do? I create plans on how to breakdown my plans to the basics so I can still get one part of The Plan done before it all collapses on me.

Its complicated.

Gardening is and growing things is a hobby that directly challenges that side of me. I can plan things out but I still won’t know if it will work because there is no way of telling when exactly the last frost will be, or if there will be a dry spell, or if tomatoes will succumb to blight this year etc etc etc.

So to combat that I go back to researching and plan for… contingencies. With the allotment now I was looking back at some books I had to figure out planting plans and make sure that things will work (and maybe benefit each other!) if planted side by side. My spouse looked over with my and my stack of books and had to laugh because according to him I, “always turn to a book first to find out answers.”

It’s true. I do love my books. 😆

But all of that research has led to a very basic plan for our allotment plot.

6 plots are marked out. Clockwise from top right. 1. Empty plot for now, maybe eventual shed. Maybe fruit bushes. 2. Cucumbers, onions and nasturtiums 3. Aubergines, spinach, peppers, and marigold 4. Children's plot. Peas, sunflowers and lavender 5. Garlic and mustard 6. (Top left) Tomatoes, squash, marigold and borage or basil.
A tentative allotment plan

Of course looking at it now, I’ve already thought of 3-4 things I want to change. Ah well. Best laid plans and all.

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