Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller

It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt up to reading anything. Circe called to me because it seemed to sort of straightforward and simple thing to read when you are too exhausted to handle much more.

Circe is the firstborn daughter of Helios, the Sun God, and Perse a nymph who managed to convince Helios to marry her. For the sake of novelty. She isn’t much to look at or listen to and is reminded of that quite often.

Isolated from the gods and goddesses around her, Circe struggles to find and understand herself. This book is about the journey a woman takes to discover her own inner power and worth. I think that speaks to many women because we are often given messages of how we aren’t… enough.

Circe’s personal growth is entwined with her studying a forbidden craft in isolation. She learns that her own power is one that most gods will never possess; because it requires hard work and perseverance to master. Things that most gods consider to be beneath them.

By the end of the book, she found her true voice which she uses to carve her own path. Circe realizes that her self discovery, and all that she has learned, can’t be taken away or diminished by any god or man. Finally, she would be in charge of her own destiny instead of floating along to the whims of gods around her.

If you are looking for a quick weekend read then this one is definitely worth adding to that pile.

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