House of the Dragon – Trailer thoughts

The winds have shifted and the first look at HBO’s latest foray into Westeros has dropped.

So what are my thoughts? After such a long time being away from anything to do with A Song of Ice and Fire, it is refreshing to have something new to look forward too.

My first thought is that 200 years is not really that long ago with it comes to monarchies? If we look at the British that would have been 8 monarchs ago. For the Targaryens, there were roughly 13 in the 200 years from Viserys I. There were 14 if you include Daenerys. And in the previous 100 years of the Targaryen reign? Just 4. So this

I don’t know where I am going with this by pointing it out, other than perhaps mentioning the fact that the events from the Dance of the Dragons sets off a turbulent time for the Targaryen Dynasty. One that was filled with political intrigue and a succession crisis.

The political intrigue and character development was the strength behind the Game of Thrones tv series. It was something that was lost by the end of the show. While the trailer for House of the Dragon hasn’t given us much to speculate on, it has given me a tentative hope that maybe it will return to that beginning.

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