It turns out most of what I grow feeds the slugs 🤨

I figured there would be a slug problem. And it has been a wet spring. So slugs have been out in abundance. I’ve lost 12 lettuce plants, 2 cucumber seedlings, 1 sunflower, 4 cauliflowers seedlings so far. So. Far.

For now I’ve dropped the lettuce because that’s too tempting for them (and just upsets me when they disappear) and I have a backup cucumber ready to go out at the end of the month. Just waiting until its a bit bigger so it won’t be so tempting for the slugs.

We’ve also been busy prepping the strawberries. They’ve been mulched and decoy berries have been painted and put out. Hopefully it will fool the birds and they’ll leave the actual berries alone.

Small rocks on a counter. Some painted red and others not. Slowly they start to look like strawberries.
Our fine art project 🍓

But it isn’t just birds and slugs on the plot. We’ve seen plenty of worms, snails, ladybirds and even a frog! For our older one its been such a delight heading out to see what we will find next. It almost makes losing 12 (!) Lettuce plants worth it. But not really.

Our older one standing bent over looking at the frog. The view of the plot is in front of her.
We’ve been keeping a careful eye on our frog to make sure he’s OK 🐸

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