A new allotment 🌱🍅🌻

Everyone close to me is probably exhausted from hearing about our new allotment by now but I can’t help it. I’m too excited! 😁

So in an attempt to spare them (a little), we’ll see how rambling about its progress on here goes. But first! Here are some photos.

Main focus is on an overgrown sqarish-ish allotment plot. Just visible is what could be 6 good sized vegetable beds. One is filled with garlic. In the distance is a fence and more plots.
Another angle of the plot. This time with a vivid blue sky and clouds. The sun casts shadows from various allotment structures towards the camera.
Another angle of the plot. This time facing toward the fence line so you can tell its a corner plot. The sun is from behind the camera and cast shadows away toward the fence. Also a pram is visible. My smallest garden helper.

There were actually 4 plots available and we did end up choosing the smallest one. It was a tough call because some came with beds already but in and one even had a polytunnel. But in the end, we decided on this one because of its location. While you can’t change the location of a plot, more vegetable beds or even a garden structure can be added later.

This plot is located in the corner of the allotment so there are 2 sides where our little ones can run around on. It provides a little less worry about them going into other plots. It is also close to where you can park and get supplies so I’m sure that’ll be handy too. And finally, the smaller size does mean it will make maintaining it a bit more simpler.

We can take it a section at a time. 😌

2 responses to “A new allotment 🌱🍅🌻”

  1. These photos are amazing! I can feel your excitement about the new allotment through this blog post. I also liked how you explained the decision-making process behind choosing the smallest plot. It makes sense to go for a smaller size and work your way up if needed. My question for you is, what are your plans for the first few weeks on the allotment? Are you going to start with preparing the soil or setting up beds? I look forward to reading your next update!

    • Awww thank you. First plans are really just clearing and seeing what we are working with. Getting a better idea of the sun position and preparing the soil in two beds to start. And also having fun 😆

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